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Top Professional Artist Resources and Mentors “ON DEMAND”

The StarMentors organization was create by Entertainment and Music Artist Manager Jay Jaworski. He is the Author of the new acclaimed book about making your mark in today’s music industry called “Becoming The Idol”

Jay Jaworski has teamed up with, selected and assembled a “Dream Team” of the top proven Musical Artist Development Professionals to provide a unique opportunity and service for artists and musicians worldwide. This unique opportunity gives artists, bands and performers access to top successful professional Artist Managers, Visionary Music Producers, Publicists, Music and Internet Marketing professionals, Music Video Directors and Producers, Image Development Artists and Consultants, Entertainment Attorney’s, On Demand.

Our affordable Music and Entertainment Careers Horizons program called “STARPOWER” is special. This program provides you with the direct access to the advice, information and strategies you will need to take your career to the next level. Simply, if you need one of these professionals in your court or need a Mentor or Music Coach to help you, your band or organization than this unique opportunity puts that ability in your back pocket. This comes without signing traditional restrictive contracts or assigning large percentages of your organizations profits that are traditionally expected. Our staff members are dedicated and seasoned mentors that will help you make the right decisions that will work for you or your organization.

The StarMentors Team of professionals are at your fingertips. Do you need career advice in the music industry? Do you need a solid and dedicated coach to get you to the next level? Do you need someone experienced in your corner to help you navigate the murky waters of making a successful career in the music industry? Do you need a personal music coach? Do you just need someone to talk to about your future, your options or get a distinct perspective on how to proceed? Here is your chance. Explore the “STARPOWER” programs now. Visit each program in our website and meet our StarMentors Team.

Privacy Policy: Any information personal information provided by requester of additional information or provided to StarMentors Publishing LLC will not be provided to any outside or 3rd party and kept confidential.

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