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One common factor that most all successful Artists, Bands and Entertainers have in common is a visionary Producer.

Our “PROD”  program was created for the bands, groups and independent Artists that are serious about getting the right start, the right coach and the guidance for your music and art. The music and entertainment world has evolved into an instantaneously world connection. These connections are vital in making an impression that counts and translates into a successful career. Your successful career depends on the quality or your music, your ability to create true entertainment value and your marketability. Every entertainment organization needs a proven team to navigate, coach and correct their course to complete success. Having a solid, proven, creative and understanding Music and Artist Development Producer can be your compass to guide you to opening the doors to many opportunities. It is not just an audio world but also a visual world. All of your world connection must create fans out of your new audiences worldwide. Our “PROD” program put this power in your hands anytime, anyplace and anytime you choose. It is quite an exciting time that you can have access to this knowledge and to a willing and top StarMentors Producer.

By overwhelming demand, the StarMentors “PROD” Program was added to our “STARPOWER” outreach to provide our artist clients and bands with the top resources to help their careers move to the next phase.

The primary function of the Producer in the music industry is to give the artist the edge they need. Most artists, groups and bands do not generally need a full time professional Media or Music Producer until it is time to make the big moves required to establish a focused career decision. However, All Artists that are serous in building a successful organization should include a strong Producer team member at some point. This is where the “PROD” Program comes into play. Our seasoned, knowledgeable, proven and professional Producers are here to help to provide sound and solid advice, support, coaching and mentorship.

“Be the absolute best at what you do, be different, be the first to do it and be true to your art. Trust the wisdom and learn from the explorers who have taken the journey before you and never forget that this is the Entertainment Business. Your job is to entertain your way to success and transport others to amazing places.”


The “PROD” Music and Artist Development Producer On Demand Program is here for you. Our exceptional Producer Staff have been handpicked to give you the knowledge, understanding, resources, inspiration and dedication to provide you with the proven solutions and strategies that will move you forward. Our Producers are leaders in their industry, simply the best of the best. They can give you the edge you need anywhere and anytime. The results come from how you use and act upon the advice you are given. You simply will have a solid experienced friend, business partner that is capable and willing to spend the time required to help you get the successful career you are working on.


When you join the “PROD” program you will get direct access to an experienced Professional Music and Media Producer at any time you schedule a personal meeting. All bands, Artists and performers need a Producer's input and talent but often cannot afford the high costs retainer fees. The “PROD” Program gives you the opportunity to speak, strategies and work with a very talented Producer an hourly basis, at affordable prices with NO retainers. You only pay for services you need. You will have the power in your hand related to the following important elements that will help your career:

⦁ Effective and comprehensive media planning and career assessments ⦁ Media Process Counseling ⦁ Music and Entertainment content selection ⦁ Image and Media development ⦁ Style and Music Development ⦁ Application of new digital audio technique and digital distribution , etc.


⦁ Free scheduled “PROD” Industry Webinars and group interactive events ⦁ Access our industry referrals and additional support programs ⦁ Help with developing your formal presentation to record companies, marketing, promotional and actions plans ⦁ Scheduled consultations that are convenient to your lifestyle ⦁ Affordable programs for all participants in the “PROD” programs ⦁ Help you further your career objectives


Your active participation is all that is required. You determine how much help you need. We will be there when you need us.

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Program 1 includes: Two (2) hours of our Producer “On Demand” direct consultation time for planning, advice and professional time (other services are listed in the Projects below). Clients can always add Consulting and Coaching hours at any time.

Project 1: Complete Media Development Package



Tolga Katas is a successful American Music Industry Entrepreneur, Artist Development, Digital Media and Music Producer who began his career as a rock singer and songwriter. Tolga produced and promoted several multi-platinum artists through his record labels Futura and Summit Entertainment, and contributed significantly to the sales of over 50 million records. Tolga won the BMI Song of the Year Award for Sending All My Love and was nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Tolga Katas is considered one of the founding fathers of Freestyle music having created a sound of his own which many tried to copy. Tolga is credited with being one of the first pioneering producers to create a hit song entirely on the computer using digital music production technology. Katas produced the 90's boy band sensation Linear, Stevie B, MTS, and more. With the onset of MTV, music soon led Katas into the world of video production, television and network development in the early 80's. He continued producing TV shows and special effects throughout the years including producing cutting-edge video content for DVD distribution, IPTV, iPods, mobile devices and Internet streaming.

He was the founder of and In 2000 he invented iMixalot - one of the first media players that could easily convert sound designer files using QuickTime technology; and he also developed an image management software called eMaculate.

Tolga Katas founded en2go International, Inc. where the legendary John Draper was the CTO, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was on the board of directors. He is the inventor of a global Internet broadcasting platform known as Flyxo which distributes movies, music and more through HD streaming.

Tolga is one of the most sought-after visionary Music and Visual/Media Technology Producers today. He has partnered with the Starmentors StarPower organization to provide the StarMentor’s Artists, bands and performers with invaluable advice and powerful resources to Become the Next Idol. He is being hailed as a visionary Promotional Arts Photographer in today’s media, fashion and music industries. Visit to view his latest projects.

Partial list of Tolga’s Music Production Credits

Stevie B - "Spring Love"

Stevie B - "Party Your Body"

Stevie B - "Dream About You"

Stevie B - "Waiting For Your Love"

Stevie B - "Funky Melody"

Linear - "Sending All My Love"

Linear - "Don't You Come Crying"

Charles Christopher - "Think About It"

Alta Dustin - "Looking for Love"

Angelina - "Old School"

M-forcers - "Get It Boy"

Gigolo Tony - "It's the Gigolo"

E.J. - "Hold You"

G.T. - "I Need You"

Daize - "You Took My Heart"

Ray Guell - "Just Another Lover"

Tony Marino - "Love You Feel" (1989)

Sincere Emotion - "Trust In Me"

Ron - "Give Your Love To Me"

Stevie B - "Dreamin' of Love"

Tolga - "Leave It All Behind"

Tolga - "Lovin' Fool"

MTS - "I'll Be Alright"

T. Paris - "Oh Chica"

Secret Oktober (Steve,Benny,Ritchie,Dave,Chris) - "You're My Only Lover"

Holy Cole - "Don't Tell Me You Love Me"

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“The only barrier between you and success is directly related to the good decisions you make”


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