The StarMentors “IMG” Branding and Visual Media Development On Demand Program

Put a professional Top Visual Media and Branding Designer in your corner,
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The “IMG PROGRAM” puts your best impression in the forefront

Having a unique memorable and effective branding and marketing materials is essential to the long-term success of any artist or entertainer. Having a proven, connected and visionary professional who can work with an artist to create that perfect public impression and image is a must in today’s digital and internet driven world. An artist must continuously engage with their current and future fans visually and meaningful with content that provides an opportunity for the artist to properly and timely communicate with the public.

Marketing, promotion, visual content must be of the highest quality to separate an artist as a trend setter. This is accomplished by applying clear vison, creativity, purpose and artistic intent. Each entertainer and artist should actively focus and apply world class creativity to their image in a manner that sets them above all the rest. This comes with being able to work with a like minded person with the right skills and focus.

Our “IMG” program was created for the bands, groups and independent artists that are serious about creating meaningful and effective exposure and successfully apply the power of quality print media to further their career to make the right impression on the industry.

The StarMentors “IMG” Program was added to our “STARPOWER” outreach to provide our artist clients and bands with the top resources to help their careers move to the next phase. The “IMG” program puts a powerful creative partner in your corner that can make the real difference.

The primary function of your creative staff in the music industry is to make a measurable difference. All Artists should consult with their creative staff before creating any art or visual media that is to be released to the public to assure the artist's image is always maintained and the most impact can be achieved. That is why you need to join the “IMG” Program.

Most Artists, groups and bands generally need a creative graphics and media designer to give them the materials when needed most (concerts, appearance, promotion, presentations, products, merchandise, websites, blogs, publicity campaigns, etc.) This is where the “IMG” Program comes into play. Our seasoned, knowledgeable, proven and professional Digital media and graphic designers have the right combination of creativity and experience to provide sound and solid advice, support, coaching and mentorship on how to connect with your audience.

“Take a good look at your shadow, who is in there”
Jay Jaworski- Artist Manager/Author


The “IMG” Branding and Visual Media Develop “On Demand Program” is here for you. Our exceptional visual arts graphic and creative artists have been handpicked to give you the knowledge, understanding, results, resources and dedication to provide you with the proven solutions and strategies that will move you forward. Our creative staff are leaders in their industry, they are the cream of the crop. They can give you the edge you need anywhere and anytime. The results come from how you use and act upon the advice you are given. You simply will have a solid experienced friend, business partner that is capable and willing to spend the time required to help you get the exposure and media attention you deserve and achieve your visual arts and branding goals.


When you join the “IMG” program you will get direct access to an experienced professional at any time you schedule a personal meeting. All bands, artists and performers need exposure, but often cannot afford the high fees of a classic advertising agency. The “IMG” Program gives you the opportunity to speak with and work with a top visual media designer on an hourly basis at affordable prices with NO retainers. You only pay for services that you need at affordable prices. You will have the power in your hands related to the following essential elements that will help your career:

⦁ Development of the right branding for your specific vision ⦁ Print and digital media options and counseling ⦁ Assuring your presentations, press kits and merchandising is effective in grabbing the attention of the media, industry and your fans ⦁ Gives you the edge over all the competition ⦁ Contributes to more successful promotion and special events ⦁ Learn powerful strategies for developing stronger media presence ⦁ Image creation to be proud of ⦁ Unlimited creative advice, resources and option for your organization and career to get noticed and remembered.


⦁ Free scheduled “IMG” Industry Webinars and group interactive events ⦁ Access our industry referrals and additional support programs ⦁ Help with developing your formal marketing, promotional and digital arts actions plans ⦁ Scheduled consultations that are convenient to your lifestyle ⦁ Affordable programs for all participants in the “IMG” programs ⦁ Helps you further your career objectives ⦁ Helps to define your career promotional plans.


When you work with your experienced professional designer we want your experience to be as personal and interactive as possible. Once a meeting is scheduled, your visual arts counselor will communicate with you through our preferred method of video conversation (Skype and other quality live video conferencing) or by telephone. Your chosen Coach and professional designer can be reached via email at any time and will be happy to be at your assistance to determine what creative work you need for you specific situation.


Your active participation is all that is required. You determine how much help you need.
We will be there when you need us.

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Program 1 includes:Two (2) hours of our Visual Arts and Branding Designer “On Demand” direct consultation time for planning, advice and professional time (other services are listed in Programs 1-3 below). Clients can always add Consulting and Coaching hours at any time.

Project 1: Logo Design

Project 2: Professional Webpage Development

Project 3: Promotional and Marketing Print Media Design

André E. Hawkins is a world class graphic designer, marketer, photographer, artist and writer. He has created effective designs for many businesses, organizations, foundations, independent artists and entertainers.  For many years André has successfully designed effective and essential print media imagery, branding campaigns and professional level marketing materials for the Entertainment and Music and Media industries.

His exceptional skills have been instrumental in successful tour marketing campaigns for major artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Rascal Flatts and countless other high end commercial ventures as Victoria Secret. He is a highly sought out designer and professional visual media developer that is well known for elevating the image of his clients to always look like a fortune 500 company or successful artist.

André Hawkins is a master at charcoal, pen & ink, acrylic, water colors and computer graphics, he uses these skills to creatively bring his imaginations to life for his clients. He has won many commercial and creative art competitions which has led to his recognition by his peers and the media design industry. Andre has travel extensively, thus his work reflects a global perspective into his art and design.

His open mind, world class artistic ability, creative solutions and willingness to listen and embrace his client’s needs can help any organization deliver the messages that they envision. He achieved his advanced degree in Visual Communications from Ohio State University.

The StarMentors organization is proud to have him on our team. All artists and entertainers would benefit from Andre’s level of creative talent in their corner either as a Mentor or Coach or working closely with him to get the right branding, image and presentation quality they need.

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If you are excited and ready to move forward with your career in a positive direction today, then take advantage of our Free 20 Minute Consultation offer by filling out and submitting the form below. Our StarMentors Management staff will contact you to set up a phone call or video conference with you so that you can explore your opportunities with our program. There is no obligation. We are excited to meet inspired, dedicated and the new stars of the future. As standard policy with our company, feel free to call us at 1-800-773-3138 if you have specific questions or need an on the fly questions answered or seeking an alternative means to your Career Development plan. We will not make “pie in the sky” claims of success but will be honest with you and help you with the hard choices that need to be made to make the difference in your life. Lastly, if you just want to contact us to introduce yourself then great, Fantastic. All good and fruitful professional relationships start with the first words spoken and the first handshake. We all want to Thank you for visiting The Star Mentors  “IMG” Program and look forward to taking a great journey with you as your Mentors, Coaches and Supporters.

“The only barrier between you and success is directly related to the good decisions you make”


  • André did a great job helping us develop a logo and branding. It was a long, winding road trying to capture our identity with a graphic, but Andre was so patient with our decision process and all of our edits. His creativity and flexibility moved us in an unexpected direction but we absolutely love the outcome.
  • Andre was right on point with their design for my book! They were very professional and made my vision into a reality."
  • André did an excellent job on my project, was very professional and very efficient with completing my project on time and with great quality. Communicated with me very efficiently and seemed very friendly.  Would highly recommend him.
  • André has been the best graphic designer I’ve ever worked with. His designs are high quality and they stand out. His prices are reasonable and accommodate even the smallest budget.
  • André is very easy to communicate with. He creates quality products and really listens to what you have  to say and works with you to get the product right. ​I would highly recommend him..
  • André is a very comprehensive accessor of his clients. His work is creative and always received rave reviews from the clients with whom we worked on together. ​. Loved working with him and use his talents for many projects.
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